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ID • Last active an hour ago • View Profile

Multilingual, energetic and innovative language teacher with a deep passion for culture, linguistics, world exploration, and inspiring our youth to pursue their dreams and talents on a global scale. Looking for the perfect place to settle.

CA • Last active 4 hours ago • View Profile

Fully credentialed elementary teacher, intervention specialist, and literacy specialist available part time

CA • Last active 9 hours ago • View Profile

Passionate about children, their well-being, education process, and their family dynamics.With an excellent ability to jump into any project and work well with others and is constantly recognized as being very coachable.

MA • Last active 11 hours ago • View Profile

Hello Families and Schools, I am Khyona ( Ki-an-na) and I possess a strong passion for working with children of all backgrounds and ages. It's crucial for teachers to nurture students, but also making an impact is why I enjoy this field.

NC • Last active 16 hours ago • View Profile

High school special education and ELA teacher. Dedicated to student success and building meaningful relationships with students. Excited to start a new journey and open to all opportunities.

CA • Last active 17 hours ago • View Profile

check one two check one two check one two

CA • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Compassionate bilingual music teacher with over a decade of experience in diverse educational and social services environments. Respected educator and former case worker passionate about connecting people with music.

CA • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Experienced teacher based in California looking to return to the classroom and continue sharing passion for learning in a new environment.

CA • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Experienced, passionate, student growth minded elementary school teacher.

CA • Last active a day ago • View Profile

I am clear credentialed teacher with an MA in Psychology with 11 years of classroom experience. I am a student centered teacher who leads with a warm heart and clear learning goals. Reach out if your family or families need help!