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Why Selected

500+ School Partners

Our 500+ school partners have instant access to candidates curated for immediate hire.

Quality Candidates

Every candidate is screened for quality. You only see active job searchers that meet your criteria.

Fixed Hire Fees

Only pay a small, fixed fee if you successfully hire a candidate. 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Teachers Actively Job Searching

Easily source hard-to-find talent curated from our community of 8,000+ candidates

  • 40% STEM or Special Education
  • 70% with 2+ years of teaching experience
  • 40% people of color
  • 30% fluent in a foreign language

Active Job Search Sample ScreenActive Job Search Sample Screen

We partner with top graduate schools of education

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How it Works

Create a profile

Tell us about your hiring needs and we’ll match you only with candidates that meet your criteria.

Instantly access active job seekers

See available candidates and invite any to connect.

Speak directly with candidates

If a candidate accepts your invitation to connect, message them directly and proceed with your regular interview process.

Hire teachers

Speak with several candidates. Extend offers to the best teachers for your school.

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