West End Day School

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West End Day School is a small, nurturing, specialized school for children who have mild to moderate learning, language, and/or emotional issues.

Independent school


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  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • Manhattan

What makes us unique
We offer a social and emotional perspective to learning while maintaining a challenging mainstream curriculum. Our teachers work hand-in-hand with social workers and other specialists to respond as a team to all aspects of a child's development.
Ideal candidate fit
That emotions impact learning and how you feel affects how you learn.
You're a strong fit here if you are open to collaboration and working with a team of professionals. Also, if you believe in a structured classroom with some flexibility with curriculum driven by a psychological approach to learning.

Our Students

0% Low income

20% of Color

0% ELL

99% Special needs

Our Faculty

15% of Color

60% > 3 yrs exp