Paul Robeson Charter School

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Paul Robeson Charter School is a high-quality public school serving students in grades 4-8.

Charter school

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  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • NJ - Central

What makes us unique
Our mission is to provide a personalized education that challenges, engages, and prepares all students to passionately pursue their dreams and lead a life of active citizenship.
Ideal candidate fit
-In providing students with a rigorous and comprehensive educational experience -In contributing to national efforts to eradicate educational inequity -In holding the highest expectations for yourself and students -In intensive, purposeful planning -In accountability
-You commit to continue learning and improving as an educator -You are imaginative and determined -You learn from students and colleagues and embrace the idea that anything is possible -You do not avoid or delay difficult conversations and you face issues head-on

Our Students

94% Low income

97% of Color

7% ELL

12% Special needs

Our Faculty

43% of Color

70% > 3 yrs exp