Mott Haven Academy Charter School

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Mott Haven Academy Charter School is a high performing Charter School in the Bronx with grades K-6 expanding to grade 8.

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  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • Bronx

What makes us unique
While Haven Academy is comprised of students from many backgrounds, it is uniquely designed to meet the needs of at-risk students who are currently in foster care and receiving preventative services through the child welfare system.
Ideal candidate fit
All students, regardless of economic status or family structure, are entitled to learn in a system that gives them the best chance for success. Every child can learn and achieve regardless of life circumstances.
Believe the above in your heart and in your work.

Our Students

95% Low income

99% of Color

16% ELL

24% Special needs

Our Faculty

60% of Color

80% > 3 yrs exp