Millennium Brooklyn HS

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Highly successful, project-based screened high school located in the heart of Park Slope. Highly diverse student body taught in an inclusive, rigorous academic setting.

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  • 9-12
  • Brooklyn

What makes us unique
MBHS has full 4-year Research Department, an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Nest program for high functioning students on the autism spectrum, advisory program with an emphasis on community service, 17 PSAL sports teams, 25 extracurricular clubs, and 10 Advanced Placement courses
Ideal candidate fit
That students learn best when their teacher cares about them, challenges them, and engages them in the classroom, and that a diverse group of students learning from and with one another in a project-based setting is as important as a rich, rigorous academic curriculum.
You want to be a part of a small learning community, have a willingness to teach in a rigorous project-based setting, put a premium on using data to drive instruction, and have a desire to regularly collaborate with colleagues both in and outside of the classroom.

Our Students

45% Low income

55% of Color

1% ELL

13% Special needs

Our Faculty

15% of Color

85% > 3 yrs exp