Kingsman Academy Public Charter School

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Kingsman Academy offers individualized instruction and additional resources for all students, rich special education services, a strong multi-tiered system of supports.

Charter school

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  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Washington DC

What makes us unique
Recognizing the District of Columbia's need for a school that serves students at risk of dropping out of school, Kingsman Academy welcomes all students, especially those who are over-aged and under-credited, have attendance problems, or have behavioral or emotional challenges.
Ideal candidate fit
In our focus on making numerous attempts to reach students and maximize their learning. Our students often bring with them challenges that make academic success difficult. We embrace our students and their challenges—all of them. Their success is our success. No excuses.
You consider persistence and perseverance as personal and professional strengths. Our goals are ambitious, and our work is challenging. Success requires our best efforts, sustained over time—regardless of obstacles or hindrances.

Our Students

99% Low income

99% of Color

0% ELL

45% Special needs

Our Faculty

79% of Color

54% > 3 yrs exp