Equitas Academy Charter Schools

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The mission of Equitas Academy Charter Schools is to provide a structured, achievement-based community that prepares students to graduate from four-year colleges and universities.

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  • B-2
  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • LA - Central

What makes us unique
A strong organizational culture focused on our mission. Supportive professional development including a coach who provides consistent, relevant, and individualized feedback. A joyful & collaborative social & professional environment. A rigorous and aligned curriculum.
Ideal candidate fit
That all students can succeed. That every student can and should attend a four year college. That structure and an aligned curriculum lead to the best educational outcomes for students.
You recognize your strengths and weaknesses and desire to grow and learn. You are flexible, and a problem solver who focuses on solutions. Collaborate well with peers, staff, and parents.

Our Students

94% Low income

99% of Color

40% ELL

11% Special needs

Our Faculty

59% of Color

40% > 3 yrs exp