Covenant Preparatory School

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Covenant Prep is committed to establishing a foundation for underserved young men to graduate from college. Small school, great faculty!

Independent school

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  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • CT - Central

What makes us unique
Zip code should not determine your access to the best education. Independent schools should not only be for the elite. In a tuition-free business model, Covenant Prep educates motivated young men (gr. 5-8) in a rigorous academic environment that also promotes strong character.
Ideal candidate fit
Covenant Prep believes that students from underserved communities deserve every opportunity to receive a fantastic education. Covenant Prep teachers believe that high expectations are necessary, and we can cater our teaching to meet the needs of young adolescent, urban boys.
You are willing to play as part of a cohesive team. You'll also be successful if you are willing to be creative, collaborative, and independent. Your willingness to build strong, meaningful relationships with your students and their families will serve you well

Our Students

75% Low income

95% of Color

25% ELL

10% Special needs

Our Faculty

50% of Color

33% > 3 yrs exp