Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School

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Brooklyn LAB Charter Schools is a network of schools designed to prepare students to excel in college and be successful, ethical leaders.

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  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Brooklyn

What makes us unique
The LAB Formula: Extended day, week, and school year focused on Robotics, Digital Media, Coding, Debate; High Dose Tutoring: Personalized, small group tutoring from trained college graduates for at least two hours & Next Generation Learning: A college STEAM prep curriculum
Ideal candidate fit
That all students can achieve at the highest levels. That data is important. That you can learn from everyone.
You are mission driven, flexible, entrepreneurial, collegial, innovative, and organized. You use data to drive your instruction. You believe in mentoring others.

Our Students

85% Low income

95% of Color

6% ELL

40% Special needs

Our Faculty

80% of Color

30% > 3 yrs exp