Antonia Pantoja Charter School

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We are a Title 1 K-8th grade charter school. Our mission is to create bilingual community leaders.

Charter school

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  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • Philadelphia

What makes us unique
Our students and families are heavily involved in ensuring the school year is a success. Our student leaders give announcements, start ceremonies and teach parents best learning practices. Its common to see students heavily involved in the teaching and learning in the classroom.
Ideal candidate fit
All students are capable of learning. We have a coteaching model in most grades to ensure success of all students.
-you love children -want to develop the whole child - you're a life long learner

Our Students

90% Low income

99% of Color

12% ELL

32% Special needs

Our Faculty

50% of Color

10% > 3 yrs exp