Alliance Ouchi High School

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Our goal for our students is to develop individuals who are equipped to create generations of success in their families and ultimately, change our world.

Charter school

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  • 9-12
  • LA - South

What makes us unique
Our expected student learning results! 1. Outstanding Communicators of Content 2. Universal Learners 3. College-Ready 4. High Academic Masters 5. Igniters of Communal Change
Ideal candidate fit
That all students can learn and be successful. That every child deserves the opportunity to have a high quality education. You should believe in the transformative power of education.
You are passionate about teaching students of color in underserved communities. You are committed to making a difference in students' lives and you are hard working, collaborative, and open to growing and developing in your practice.

Our Students

93% Low income

99% of Color

12% ELL

8% Special needs

Our Faculty

60% of Color

80% > 3 yrs exp