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NC • Last active 5 hours ago • View Profile

Standard teaching experience. Seeking to transition to a career as a virtual academy/school teacher. Experience with transition curriculum to online programs and using online programs to facilitate learning.

NC • Last active 6 hours ago • View Profile

Innovative and caring teacher who loves teaching Science. Expertise in working with gifted students but willing to meet all students where they are. Master educator with experience in teaching Advance Science and honors level courses.

VA • Last active 12 hours ago • View Profile

Enthusiastic ESL teacher. Certified for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the International Language Institute in Washington, DC. Specializes in Social Studies/History and Government including AP level courses.

PA • Last active 18 hours ago • View Profile

I am a persistent, dedicated, and knowledgeable English teacher. I live in Philadelphia, PA, but I am willing to relocate.

OH • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Proficient classroom teacher with experience working with students in 4th to 8th grade. Engaged in youth development demonstrated through involvement in various education and community driven roles.

NC • Last active a day ago • View Profile

I believe math should be hands-on, engaging, and welcoming to all modalities of learning. There is so much decision making before we place a "pretty box" around our final answer, and I strive to highlight and honor all of that thinking.

NY • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

A dedicated teacher who finds solutions to the most difficult problems and brings those solutions to the classroom to further student understanding and build success.

NY • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

Career changer who recently returned to teaching. Looking for a position in an elementary or middle school. I hold both academic degrees and certification in Education (Art and currently going for Childhood General and Special Education).

FL • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

Secondary school science and social studies teacher seeking employment for the upcoming academic year. Based outside of the US, open to relocation.

NY • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

Elementary school teacher with 9 years teaching experience in the classroom and possessea Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education. Based outside the US, open to relocation.