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Nursery - 12th

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Experienced difference maker with a thorough approach to education. School Leader that can raise money.

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Award-winning, published children’s author-illustrator, poet, writer, ESL educator

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Passionate, innovative teacher trained to deliver cirriculm in a positive fun loving elementary classroom setting.

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A multitalented teacher that has a high regard for high quality education with almost 5 years of teaching experience in both private and public school. A teacher with character, competence and sensitivity among cultures. Open to relocation.

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An experienced teacher who has the passion of teaching mathematics. I have keen interest in the development of my students and teach with practical methodologies so they appreciate the concepts been taught. Math is fun! Open to relocation.

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Chicago-bound interdisciplinary educator with an emphasis on story and symbol. I inspire higher level, multilingual, and project-based learning through joyful, curious, Socratic discussions, respectful debate, and diverse research methods.

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Certified Elementary and middle school teacher with 9 years of teaching experience. Open to relocation & already have a visa sponsor.

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Elementary School Teacher (4th-7th grades)

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Elementary teacher in Chicago, IL. Masters in Elementary Education from Northwestern University. Special interest in restorative justice in the classroom.