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NY • Last active 28 minutes ago • View Profile

Single mother of 3 children educator. Ready an able to motivate and stimulate scholars of various ages to meet and exceed there potential. Various teaching experiences, from public, private, and charter school settings.

CA • Last active 2 hours ago • View Profile

Results driven Specialist, passionate, with a proven track record for writing ebooks of academic achievement, UCB alumni, founding private school teacher, curriculum writer and programmer, Intensive direct instruction, Teacher

AL • Last active 6 hours ago • View Profile

Actively searching for employment opportunities in the education field. With a love for education and young children, I am excited to join the classroom to help make a difference! ;)

MS • Last active 6 hours ago • View Profile

I am a science instructor seeking opportunities to work in a science classroom environment. I have both the capability and have knowledge that will assist me in instructing the younger minds placed in my care. My main attitude is to teach.

NY • Last active 7 hours ago • View Profile

Innovative, seasoned and compassionate pedagogue/leader dedicated to moving-lives-forward through the employment of the arts, social justice and thought-provoking methodology.

NY • Last active 8 hours ago • View Profile

I have 30+ years of experience and I am still passionate about elementary school teaching. I am NYS certified Pre K-6 with a MA in Special Needs. Most of my experience has been in first and second grades and I have loved every minute.

FL • Last active 9 hours ago • View Profile

Self motivated and driven individual with a strong teaching background in Information Technology and Mathematics. I was born to teach, eager to extend my service to the wide world. Based outside of the US, open to relocation.

NY • Last active 10 hours ago • View Profile

I am a hard working & ambitious person. I want to give back to our community, and society to be the best I can be when it comes to our students.

IN • Last active 11 hours ago • View Profile

Mathematics Teacher with experience teaching Dual Credit, and teaching abroad. Taught Virtual, In Person, and Hybrid during pandemic. Considering shift to teaching Virtually now.

CA • Last active 11 hours ago • View Profile

High School Math teacher based in California seeking a Math or Mandarin position. Bilingual (Mandarin).