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IL • Last active 10 minutes ago • View Profile

High school Social Studies teacher focused on student learning and achievement in all environments + promoting quality learning for all students from a broad based experience

DC • Last active 39 minutes ago • View Profile

Ms. Kass is a knowledgeable English teacher with a passion for literacy, literature, and writing instruction. She is seeking a school that prioritizes student engagement and well-being.

NY • Last active 43 minutes ago • View Profile

Highly creative, intuitive, and caring English Teacher with liberal arts and Waldorf background and a range of experience teaching grades K-12, in both urban and rural settings.

NY • Last active 44 minutes ago • View Profile

Licensed NYS Literacy Teacher (Birth-Grade 6)! I have over 5+ years of teaching experience. Highly Qualified!

NY • Last active an hour ago • View Profile

English Teacher looking for a great school (incl. family virtual / in person environment) to call home. I'm certified to teach 6th to 12th grade English. I've tutored as low as 2nd grade. Savvy in most subjects.

NY • Last active an hour ago • View Profile

Creative and dedicated English Language Arts educator with a passion for nurturing and inspiring scholars and to maximize critical thinking and reading comprehension growth in various settings. IRLA experience and TESOL certified.

MD • Last active an hour ago • View Profile

2nd-year career changer teacher, enthusiastic about U.S. history and learning more broadly. Previously a managing editor with experience at several publications of national scope. Wide ranging reading interests, taste, and curiosity.

PA • Last active an hour ago • View Profile

Experienced educator certified to teach English in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Excels at teaching and leading professional development trainings.

NY • Last active 2 hours ago • View Profile

Seasoned music teacher with 6 years of experience teaching students various music instruments, including electric bass and piano. Innovative and open-minded individual with thirst for adventure and challenges. Certified Google Teacher.

NY • Last active 2 hours ago • View Profile

Experienced early childhood teacher. Problem solver. Data driven. Social-emotional education enthusiast. Relationship builder. Differentiated curriculum designer.