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Nursery - 12th

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NY • Last active 4 hours ago • View Profile

Charismatic Dedicated and Outstanding Teacher

NY • Last active 7 hours ago • View Profile

ESOL and Foreign language Mandarin dual certifications. Passionate about teaching language with culture. Creating a comfortable learning environment for all students. Differentiate teaching for students with need.

CA • Last active 8 hours ago • View Profile

Enthusiastic, creative, experienced, credentialed math teacher. Masters from Harvard, Experience: 10 yrs classroom teaching, 20 yrs tutoring, 20 yrs in high-tech STEM. Focus: growth mindset, breadth/depth, future autonomy, and having fun!

NY • Last active 9 hours ago • View Profile

Passionate and enthusiastic candidate for the 2020-2021 school year. Certified in Childhood Education with an advanced certificate in Special Education. Strongly believe in social emotional learning as well as collaborative learning.

NY • Last active 9 hours ago • View Profile

Instructional leader dedicated to DEIJ+ work. PBL expert passionate about pedagogy and curricula. Child-centered, evidence-based, creative and collaborative. Completing Columbia's Klingenstein Leadership Academy in 2021.

TX • Last active 10 hours ago • View Profile

Looking for Fall 2020 Position, Willing to Relocate for the Right School.

NY • Last active 10 hours ago • View Profile

I am an enthusiastic Social Studies teacher in the New York City Metropolitan Area. I believe that school should help students hone their academic skills, expose students to other cultures, and develop in their social-emotional learning.

NY • Last active 11 hours ago • View Profile

Experienced teacher who loves molding and teaching young minds. I’m in it because I just love to teach. New York State certified.

NY • Last active 12 hours ago • View Profile

Dynamic and result- oriented General Education and EAL specialist committed to including a passion for learning and creating multicultural awareness through teaching the fundamentals of the English language

PA • Last active 13 hours ago • View Profile

Texan in Pennsylvania Seeking Pandemic Pods and Small Groups for Math Tutoring and Teaching