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Our Coaches


Experienced coach dedicated to helping teachers find a job at their right-fit school. Former teacher, TFA manager, and consultant. Passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and helping schools develop their next generation of leaders.


Coach and connector who helps teachers tell their story through a great resume. Dedicates her career to working for education equity through schools and nonprofits.


Special education teacher and school hiring committee member with expertise in interviewing candidates from resume screen to demo lesson to reference check.


Former teacher, instructional coach, and recruiter with more than 10 years experience in low-income NYC schools. Currently leading workshops to help teachers develop professionally and find jobs in urban schools.


Experienced educator, as a science teacher, teacher coach, TFA operations director, and hiring manager. Passionate about teacher retention and helping teachers put their best foot forward while finding a new job.

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Job Search and Career Support Designed for Teachers

Free courses, webinars, and articles to accelerate the teacher job search and classroom effectiveness

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Actionable and outcomes-focused resources and tactics for your job search and career

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Advice from master teachers, school leaders, coaches, and hiring managers in a structured format

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What is Selected

Selected is like a dating app for job-seeking teachers and hiring schools. Tell us what you want, we'll match you!

Schools have to reach out first. On average, a candidate gets contacted by 5 schools in the first week.

100% free for candidates. We support you through the entire process.

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