Washington Leadership Academy

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Washington Leadership Academy graduates will be prepared to excel in college, be lifelong learners, and agents for positive change.

Charter school


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  • 9-12
  • Washington DC

What makes us unique
During their time at WLA, students will learn through personalized academic programs, engage in real world experiences via internships and exposure to a myriad of professionals from the community, and become technology creators through instruction in computer science and coding.
Ideal candidate fit
In education as a vehicle for social justice and mobility, in holding the bar and giving needed support, that teaching is not just a job.
High behavioral expectations, vision for academic rigor, belief in college access for all, desire to innovate to make all schools better. http://bit.ly/2Fyuq6j

Our Students

85% Low income

99% of Color

3% ELL

20% Special needs

Our Faculty

56% of Color

87% > 3 yrs exp