Unity Preparatory Charter School of Brooklyn

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Unity is a grades 6-12 independent charter school that proudly serves the community of central Brooklyn in New York City.

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  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Brooklyn

What makes us unique
We aim to align all elements of our work with the school's mission of empowering students as scholars and citizens so that they may lead fulfilling lives. This mission is the heart of our school, informing our choices and uniting our community under one shared purpose.
Ideal candidate fit
that excellent schools are central to addressing the inequities of society, that strong teaching is central to what students learn in school, and that high expectations buttressed by high support are central to being an exemplary teacher
if you demonstrate a growth mindset and an innate joy in working with adolescents; strong organizational, interpersonal, and classroom/course management skills; openness/responsiveness to constructive feedback; and a vigorous work ethic and orientation toward solutions

Our Students

80% Low income

99% of Color

4% ELL

24% Special needs

Our Faculty

50% of Color

92% > 3 yrs exp