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Whittle School & Studios is an ambitious project to modernize PreK-12 education to build the world’s best physical and connected environment for human learning and development.

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  • B-2
  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Washington DC

What makes us unique
We believe deeply in the power of education as a transformative force. As they progress through each level of academics, personalized pathways, and dynamic international experiences, students will demonstrate their growth as thinkers, makers, scholars, collaborators, & citizens.
Ideal candidate fit
Every child has the ability and power to change the world. Challenges and opportunities of modern life demand a global perspective. Learning is not confined to the typical school day. For more, please see our website: www.whittleschool.org/our-team/ideal-candidate/
If you are lifelong learner who seeks to continually deepen your mastery of craft; an innovative and responsible risk-taker comfortable with ambiguity; culturally proficient with the ability to communicate and connect with families and students of culturally diverse backgrounds.

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