The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management

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The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management provides students with authentic learning experiences that empower them.

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  • 9-12
  • Manhattan

What makes us unique
We are the first Emergency Management centered high school in the country. Our expectation is that students are working on real projects that positively impact their community and motivate them to learn and practice college and career skills.
Ideal candidate fit
Candidates should believe that all students can and want to learn. Students who struggle need to be provided with support to help them access the content and succeed without changing expectations. Students learn when they get to "do", "apply" and "create".
You believe and collaborative planning and haven an open door policy to your classroom. Feedback is a critical component and essential to improving practice.

Our Students

99% Low income

95% of Color

11% ELL

24% Special needs

Our Faculty

44% of Color

99% > 3 yrs exp