South Bronx Community Charter High School

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With a focus on preparing students for success in college, career, community and life, SBC promotes learning by doing. At SBC, our students design solutions to everyday problems.

Charter school

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  • 9-12
  • Bronx

What makes us unique
SBC is a competency-based school, organizing teaching and learning around a core set of skills and mindsets that students must master. We are culturally responsive, human-centered, adaptive, and holistic in integrating academic, social and emotional and professional skills.
Ideal candidate fit
To thrive at SBC, a teacher should be culturally relevant, responsive to student needs, believe is social-emotional development, and work collaboratively.
SBC seeks talented teachers with demonstrated desire and capacity to innovate with curriculum and pedagogy, pioneer through start-up, work in community everyday, practice social justice, be open to new roles, fail forward, and lead through uncertainty.

Our Students

83% Low income

98% of Color

13% ELL

16% Special needs

Our Faculty

75% of Color

50% > 3 yrs exp