People's Prep Charter School

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People’s Prep prepares all of our students to graduate from the college of their choice as informed, involved, and resilient citizens.

Charter school

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  • 9-12
  • NJ - North

What makes us unique
People’s Prep was founded to disrupt cycles of poverty and unequal education. We do serious work but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love data and do inconvenient things if it’s what’s best for students, but we also sometimes dress in costume for department competitions.
Ideal candidate fit
...ALL students, regardless of circumstance, deserve and are capable of academic success, that this requires long hours and the grit to do whatever it takes from both teachers and students, that failure and feedback are essential to the process, and that results and data matter. are into correcting educational injustice, are into being a school teacher not just a classroom teacher, are into staying emotionally constant even when it’s most challenging, and not taking yourself too seriously even though our work is as serious as it gets.

Our Students

87% Low income

99% of Color

2% ELL

24% Special needs

Our Faculty

44% of Color

67% > 3 yrs exp