Montclair Cooperative School

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Founded in 1963, Montclair Cooperative School (the Co-op) is an independent, progressive, co- educational school.

Independent school

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  • B-2
  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • NJ - North

What makes us unique
For more than 50 years, Montclair Cooperative School has been dedicated to providing engaging, creative, multi-disciplinary learning as a rigorous preparation for high school and beyond.
Ideal candidate fit
Play is the work of childhood. The real world outside the classroom and textbooks has much to teach children. Lasting learning is hands-on, minds-on, and motivating. Children and parents are partners with teachers in their learning journey.
You are lifelong learner. You love to create curriculum. You look to integrate social justice into everything that you do.

Our Students

0% Low income

35% of Color

0% ELL

0% Special needs

Our Faculty

13% of Color

90% > 3 yrs exp