M209 Hamilton Grange Middle School NYC DOE (District 6)

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We are a NYC Showcase School and a NY State Rewards School for Progress (the only middle school on that list) last year. We offer students many extracurricular opportunities.

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  • 6-8
  • Manhattan

What makes us unique
We approach discipline through a frame of restorative justice, using Collaborative Problem Solving school-wide; we believe all students want to succeed, and that they do well if they can. We also emphasize Literacy and Racial Equity (and culturally relevant pedagogy).
Ideal candidate fit
-All students want to succeed, and it is up to our school to create a community where all students can succeed. -Community accountability and teaching socioemotional skills is more powerful than punishment-based consequences. -Students voices must be heard and lead our school.
-You are invested in collaborative team teaching, as well as ongoing cycles of coaching support. -Your instruction centers time when all students are reading texts, engaging in academic talk, or authentically writing. -You are experienced in or open to CPS.

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