Libertas Academy Charter School

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Libertas Academy is a high expectations, high achieving, and a seamless 6-12 school that replicates the successful models of other high performing charter schools.

Charter school

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  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • MA - West

What makes us unique
We provide ongoing PD that will consist of coaching and support: it will involve frequent, short observations that include coaching in real time and immediate feedback with manageable action steps.
Ideal candidate fit
We seek individuals that have a strong commitment to, belief in, and alignment with the mission and vision of our school. Individuals who believe in our mission and vision; will maintain high expectations for our students both academically and behaviorally.
You can consistently model our school values of Focus, Integrity, Selfless Service, Respect, and Tenacity; and will reinforce our school-wide expectations. We seek individuals who will do whatever it takes to ensure that the mission of Libertas Academy is fulfilled.

Our Students

80% Low income

98% of Color

47% ELL

37% Special needs

Our Faculty

43% of Color

60% > 3 yrs exp