John B. Stetson Charter School

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John B. Stetson Charter School is a turn around school that serves over 1000 students in grades 5th – 8th.

Charter school

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  • 6-8
  • NJ - South
  • Philadelphia

What makes us unique
John B. Stetson charter school believes that education empowers students, parents and their families. Our mission is to educate and empower all students to become positive contributing members of their community.
Ideal candidate fit
We believe that every student should receive an exceptional instruction, every day, in every classroom. Our core values are based on the idea that students are active participants in their education and understand that learning extends beyond the classroom.
You are a strong candidate if you believe that every student deserves a champion teacher that will advocate for his or her students and help students achieve their full academic potential.

Our Students

99% Low income

85% of Color

25% ELL

25% Special needs

Our Faculty

10% of Color

55% > 3 yrs exp