International Academy of New York

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The International Academy is multi-cultural, diverse school community committed to bilingual education in Spanish and Mandarin.

Independent school

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  • B-2
  • K-5
  • Manhattan

What makes us unique
Daily language, three art classes each week, and daily language are all taught in the target language by native speakers. Our commitment to diversity seems to get the attention of every visitor. Finally, we love our students, we show it, and they feel it!
Ideal candidate fit
that coming to work with young children is the best job you could have, that it is a gift to raise children in a multi-cultural community, and that everything we do to create cultural respect is time well spent.
"flexible" is your middle name; if you like creating curriculum, school culture, and tradition more than inheriting it; if you want to work in a highly collaborative setting; and if you want work to be fun.

Our Students

34% Low income

50% of Color

10% ELL

0% Special needs

Our Faculty

70% of Color

50% > 3 yrs exp