Highville Charter School

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A State of CT Independent Public Charter School serving grades PK -12, located in New Haven, CT.

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  • B-2
  • K-5
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  • 9-12
  • CT - South

What makes us unique
The Highville Charter School, an enterprising and caring community with strong parent and community involvement, prepares and instills a desire for all learners to confidently use technology, think globally, and develop globally conscious citizenship.
Ideal candidate fit
We are a community driven school that believes in providing a positive and respectful learning environment. We will prepare our children to participate responsibly in a global, diverse and rapidly changing 21st century.
Highville’s synergistic atmosphere reflects the blending of tradition with the reality of an interdependent, interconnected world. Our program is propelled by a committed and experienced staff and supported by an involved parent community.

Our Students

68% Low income

90% of Color

1% ELL

10% Special needs

Our Faculty

40% of Color

90% > 3 yrs exp