Harlem Academy

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Harlem Academy is a private school for promising children from underserved communities, grades 1-8.

Independent school


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  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • Manhattan

What makes us unique
As a private school, Harlem Academy can use competitive admissions to identify children with high potential, offer sliding scale tuition to all of our families, and have the flexibility to tailor its program to nurture their talents and support them in meeting their goals.
Ideal candidate fit
in our mission; that with a focus on rigor, character, and family partnership, you can help guide students to thrive at the highest academic levels, so they can catch up with their higher income peers and one day make a mark on the world.
you like to work directly with students in small classes, focus on teaching curriculum that is meaningful and rigorous, escape bureaucracy, reflect on your own teaching and learning, and work with some of the most innovative and creative students in the city.

Our Students

50% Low income

99% of Color

2% ELL

0% Special needs

Our Faculty

60% of Color

70% > 3 yrs exp