Emerson Preparatory School

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We are interested in continuously evolving and developing methods to best serve our select niche of students: bright students who thrive in an smaller, more inclusive environment.

Independent school


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  • 9-12
  • Washington DC

What makes us unique
As a very small, private, historic school, Emerson has carved out a very distinct niche from the education landscape. We emphasize smaller class sizes, and inspiring a passion for knowledge and understanding.
Ideal candidate fit
Fostering student interest in your subject, and in balancing it with a comprehensive and confident knowledge of the subject matter.
You can engage your students' interest in their subject, and are willing to be creative in exploring the best techniques to reach them.

Our Students

40% Low income

50% of Color

20% ELL

10% Special needs

Our Faculty

40% of Color

70% > 3 yrs exp