ECO Charter School

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ECO Charter School achieves academic excellence via rigor, relevance, reflection, and relationships

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  • B-2
  • K-5
  • 6-8
  • NJ - South
  • Philadelphia

What makes us unique
Our small independently managed and operated school provides an intimate and solid platform for our students to confidently obtain an inspired education. We care deeply about our students and our students care deeply about learning.
Ideal candidate fit
Quality schools empower students to think for themselves, to cultivate their own curiosity, to serve the community, and to access the world.
You know who you are ... Choose this moment wisely. There are a gifted few who have the talent, strength, and dedication to change a child's world. If these words speak to you, we want you. The foundation of our success will be you.

Our Students

92% Low income

99% of Color

0% ELL

17% Special needs

Our Faculty

38% of Color

33% > 3 yrs exp