Deep Roots Charter School

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Deep Roots Charter School’s (DRCS) mission is to teach disciplined learners and to empower them to grow and serve in their community, in college and beyond.

Charter school

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  • K-5
  • Philadelphia

What makes us unique
Deep Roots Charter School is the first new charter approved in Philadelphia in nearly 10 years. DRCS opened its doors to 300 K-4 students in August 2018, and will grow one grade each year until fully enrolled and serving nearly 550 K-8 students.
Ideal candidate fit
In a discipline approach that is more restorative than punitive, and that seeks to ensure students are welcomed into the learning community rather than excluded from it. And that students who exhibit challenging behaviors can be successful with the right supports.
You have a growth mindset. You enjoy receiving regular feedback and engaging in purposeful practice. And you believe that feedback and practice are best ways to continuously improve on your craft, and the service and supports that you are providing to your students.

Our Students

70% Low income

87% of Color

5% ELL

18% Special needs

Our Faculty

38% of Color

25% > 3 yrs exp