Academy for Young Writers

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We believe in the power of building relationships as the basis for supporting students in reaching their full potential.

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  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Brooklyn

What makes us unique
We are a collaborative environment where teacher work together to meet the needs of all students. We practice restorative justice, support students in developing their voice and finding their place in our community and in the larger world.
Ideal candidate fit
Every student can succeed. Good instruction is the foundation of good classroom management. Behavioral mistakes are opportunities for learning. Adults need to model the respectful and accountable behaviors we want to teach our young people.
You are a team player. You're willing to reflect on your practice and problem-solve to meet student needs. You know that students' lives outside of school impact their ability to perform and that success means different things for different people.

Our Students

75% Low income

90% of Color

5% ELL

18% Special needs

Our Faculty

40% of Color

40% > 3 yrs exp