MS/HS Math Teacher

Long Island Whole Child Academy
Long Island, NY
$45K - $50K/year
4th - 11th

Experienced Math teacher for Middle and High School students, with strong experience in special education and who desires a growth opportunity to become an integral part of our faculty. Must have experience working with students with a variety of special education needs.

The Long Island Whole Child Academy is the premier--the only-- private school for Twice Exceptional youth on Long Island. Creative, curious, energetic and bright, our students contend with a variety of learning challenges that limit their ability to thrive and succeed in a traditional school setting. These challenges are often socio-emotional, anxiety and stress-related, sometimes organizational and pragmatic. Our students have experienced bullying, unfair and inappropriate labeling, and often have low self-esteem and self-confidence in their abilities as successful learners. Given the right environment: structured, empathetic, patient, respectful, with rigorous academic standards supported by a fully integrated clinical team, our students learn quickly and at advanced levels sometimes two or three grades beyond their chronological age. A trusting relationship between students and faculty opens doors for their innate creativity and academic ability, writing skills they never knew they had, and their ability to trust teachers and administrators. This is entirely unknown to all of them.

Our current staff, dedicated academics and clinicians who believe the first responsibility of an educator is to nurture integrity, respect and most importantly, self-respect, is highly supportive and collegial, where responsibility and authority is shared equally by our learning community.

Now in our third year, our young, vibrant school is poised to grow significantly this coming year. creating a new tier of positions to integrate into our present faculty. As we continue to grow, new leadership and administrative positions will continue to evolve.

Are you a self-starter, proactive, concerned about best practices of education for all children but especially those with learning challenges? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and look forward to participating in the growth of our unique, non-traditional, cutting-edge school for youth, grades 1-12? If you want to make a difference, are excited to coach and teach organically, and do not believe in "teaching to the test," contact us now.

"You have changed my life!" "I hated school and wouldn't go. Now I am sorry when Friday comes!" "My English teacher made me realize what a great writer I really am! I could never ever write...I wouldn't write!" "Math? Hard? No way! We just work it out together and my math teacher lets me take my time to ask questions and then figure some things out my own way!" "My favorite part of school is our Makers Space area...I am building my own guitar!"

These are just a few of the comments from our students this year. They could be speaking about you next.

If you are interested in learning more and scheduling an interview, please contact us now.

Primary Contact
Laurie Nordby