Leadership Coordinator

Renaissance Charter Schools
Queens, NY
Counselors & Social Workers
$50K - $80K/year
General Education
9th - 12th

The Renaissance Charter School College and Career Office Leadership Coordinator
Job Description
As a member of the College and Career Office, the Leadership Coordinator and College Bound Associate, in keeping with the vision and the mission of the Renaissance Charter School, will help students graduate as “powerful thinkers, engaged citizens, and life-long learners who will create the renaissance of New York.”
● Coordinate all aspects of the Leadership Program activities.
● Research, develop and maintain relationships with potential partners for internal and external
leadership opportunities (internships, summer opportunities, jobs, etc.).
● Connect students to opportunities that match their interests and add to their individual portfolios.
● Track and maintain relevant data (program contact information, student rosters, attendance,
student and supervisor program evaluations, etc.) and school databases.
● Meet with in-house program supervisors once per semester and as needed to assess student
● Communicate with outside program supervisors once per semester and as needed to assess
student progress.
● Write recommendation letters for students applying to leadership opportunities.
● Help students create an academic and career portfolio as they prepare for postsecondary education
and the world of work.
● Create and revise documents such as handbooks, program forms, time logs letters, reports, flyers,
presentations and blog- related materials.
● Supervise in-house Leadership Program activities at TRCS. Monitor attendance and ensure that
facilitators have access to materials and media.
● Maintain and update the College and Career Office (CCO) and Leadership blogs, newsletters,
social media accounts and calendars. Responsible for training College and Leadership interns to
upkeep the websites, newsletters, and other documents.
● Assist in helping students with preparing college, scholarship and financial aid applications.
● Gather comments from teachers for school report/counselor recommendation.
● Attend weekly meetings with the College and Career Office Team to set and review programmatic
goals and plan implementation.
● Work with the team to meet with individual students regarding their college process.
● Attend professional development training regarding trends in career, employment, college
counseling and higher education.
● Assess and support the department's information technology needs.
● Support planning and implementation of Social Justice Day.
● Plan and implement career awareness activities, including Career Day.
● Assist in development and implementation of college and career exploration curricula.
● Work with Coordinator for Student Council / Student Government in the promotion of leadership
● Prepare a yearly report for the TRCS Board of Trustees.
● Work with the TRCS Development staff.
● Assist in the College Bound classrooms as needed.
● Maintain inventory of office and teaching supplies.
● Manage technology for the College Office.
● Attend high school cluster meetings.
● Lead a student advisory.
● Actively engage with the TRCS community in fulfilling its mission and charter goals.
● Perform other tasks as needed.
● Attend evening meetings at various points throughout the school year.
● Late start/end of the work day.
● Work schedule is later than the regular school day.
● This is a twelve-month position.
Minimum Qualifications
● A bachelor's degree or higher.
● Knowledge of adolescent development.
● Strong presentation, verbal and interpersonal communication skills to successfully work with and
present to diverse audiences required
● Demonstrated commitment to and experience with urban youth.
● Possess strong reading, writing, and editing skills, necessary to assist with supporting students in
their writing, and represent TRCS and the College Office in correspondence with outside agencies.
● Flexibility to work some evening hours.
● Excellent networking skills.
● Self-starter.
● Ability to multitask under intense deadlines.
● Ability to collaborate with external and internal stakeholders.
● Strong organizational skills.
● Ability to clearly communicate complex information to different audiences.
● Knowledge of Windows and Mac platforms, MS Office, Excel, Access, Google Docs, Google
Apps for Education, Mailchimp, Wordpress, Blogger.
● Strong work ethic, character and personal integrity, and work with professionalism, discretion and
Preferred Qualifications:
● Graduate degree in counseling.
● Two years working with adolescents providing career advising, internship placements, and
● Bilingual English/Spanish.
● Experience with program design and implementation.
● Detail oriented with strong writing, analytical, evaluative, and organizational skills.
● Demonstrated experience working with linguistically, culturally, and academically diverse student
Cover letters and resumes should be sent to Ana Falla Riff - anafallariff@rencharter.org

Primary Contact