College Bound Counselor

Renaissance Charter Schools
Queens, NY
Counselors & Social Workers
$60K - $90K/year
General Education
9th - 12th

The Renaissance Charter School College and Career Office College Bound Counselor
Job Description
As a member of the College and Career Office (CCC), the College Bound Counselor, in keeping with the vision and the mission of the Renaissance Charter School, will help students graduate as “powerful thinkers, engaged citizens, and life-long learners who will create the renaissance of New York.” The CCO supports students' success in high school and in developing post-secondary plans.
● Create lesson plans and instruct College and Career Readiness courses to provide 9th through 12th grade students with the knowledge, skills and attributes to succeed in college and career after graduation.
● Coordinate individual and small group counseling sessions to help students identify their personal goals and create and implement post-secondary educational and employment goals and action plans.
● Help students create an academic and career portfolio as they prepare for postsecondary education and the world of work.
● Conduct post secondary planning meetings with students and their parents/guardians.
● Collaborate with the Special Education Department to create transition plans for students with
● Track and maintain relevant data (contact information, grades/standardized test scores,
college admissions, financial aid/scholarships, etc.) and school databases.
● Assist in the planning of CCO department events such as grade-level parent meetings,
financial aid workshops, college visits, workshops, etc. in collaboration with the CCO team.
● Organize meetings between college representatives and students both on and off site.
● Create and revise documents such as handbooks, letters, reports, flyers, presentations and
website-related materials.
● Engage actively in parent relations and parent-related presentations on CCO matters.
● Write program and college letters of recommendation for students.
● Ensure the timely submission of college application materials, including letters of
recommendation, faculty letters of recommendation, required forms, essays and other
supporting documents.
● Attend weekly meetings with the College and Career Office Team to set and review
programmatic goals and plan implementation.
● Lead a student advisory.
● Attend high school cluster meetings.
● Prepare a yearly report for the TRCS Board of Trustees.
● Perform other duties to accomplish the goals of the CCO.
● Actively engage with the TRCS community in fulfilling its mission and charter goals.
● Attend evening meetings at various points throughout the school year.
● Work schedule is later than the regular school day.
● This is a twelve month position.
Minimum Qualifications
● Graduate degree in counseling or related field.
● Knowledge of adolescent development.
● Demonstrated commitment to and experience with urban youth.
● Possess strong reading, writing, and editing skills, necessary to assist with supporting students
in their writing, and represent TRCS and the College Office in correspondence with outside
● Ability to multitask under intense deadlines.
● Ability to collaborate with external and internal stakeholders.
● Flexibility to work some evening hours.
● Strong organizational skills.
● Ability to clearly communicate complex information to different audiences.
● Strong work ethic, character and personal integrity, and work with professionalism, discretion
and confidentiality.
● Knowledge of Windows and Mac platforms, MS Office, Excel, Access, Google Docs, Google
Apps for Education, Mailchimp, Wordpress, Blogger.
● Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.
Cover letters and resumes should be sent to Ana Falla Riff -

Primary Contact