ESL English as a Second Language - Teacher/Coordinator - San Antonio

Great Hearts America
San Antonio, TX
$45k - $60k
Special Education
6th - 12th

Job Title: ESL Coordinator and Teacher (2020-2021)

Great Hearts Monte Vista North (6th-12th grade)

Teachers must hold TX Certification

Great Hearts is a growing, multi-state network of 33 public, open-enrollment charter schools, committed to provide a high-quality, classical liberal arts education to more than 20,000 K-12 students in both Texas and Arizona.

At Great Hearts, our Special Education and ESL Teachers and Coordinators are integral members of our faculty, participating in all faculty-wide events and PD, and also bringing the specialized expertise that is necessary for the success of all our students. Great Hearts aims to serve all students within our special education population in a manner that affirms and reflects their dignity and rightful participation within the larger student body and academy. Through consultation, resource, inclusion, and co-teaching models, the Special Education team provides essential support, following an Individualized Education Plan, to ensure each student is served in the least restrictive environment possible.

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Program Coordination

Implement procedures and coordinate the process to identify bilingual/ESL students at all grade levels, including review of student data and testing of students. Develop and revise bilingual and ESL curriculum as needed. Assist teachers to develop and provide bilingual and ESL students with appropriate course work through curriculum modification, accelerations, etc. Develop and coordinate a continuing evaluation of the bilingual and ESL programs and implement changes based on the findings. Other duties as assigned. Consultation

Provide resources and materials to support staff in accomplishing program goals. Consult with parents, administrators, counselors, teachers, community agencies, and other relevant individuals regarding bilingual and ESL students. Plan and conduct parent meetings, including parent advisory committee meetings. Budget and Inventory

Compile budget and cost estimates based on documented program needs. Assist with the selection and purchase of supplemental equipment and supplies for the program. Policy, Reports, and Law

Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other required documents. Train campus personnel and oversee LPAC meetings and paperwork. Comply with policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and the local board policy. Desired Experience:

Two or more years of teaching experience preferred Experience as an ESL teacher or coordinator preferred Qualifications: Education/Certification:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university (required) Valid/Current TX Teacher Certification (required) Valid Texas Bilingual Spanish Endorsement or ESL certificate for K - 12 (highly preferred) Desired Experience:

Two or more years of teaching experience preferred Experience as an ESL teacher or coordinator preferred Qualities & Values

Passionately Committed With humility and curiosity, we seek to know more about our core purpose; seek to share (with each other and with others externally as an advocate); seek to live the mission ourselves with relentless pursuit and intrinsic motivation; seek to understand our work and how it serves the mission…which should result in getting the right stuff done with measurable results because we love actualization – not just the theory

Servant’s Heart The foundational element of having a servant’s heart is the acknowledgment of inherent dignity in their fellow human. Someone with a servant’s heart believes that their work is to promote the development of those around them and make it possible for others to be successful in serving the mission of the organization.

Team Player We believe our mission can only be accomplished through collaboration and receive true joy in being a part of something greater than ourselves; Each of us is one part of a whole, each with different roles, expertise, and responsibilities; working together in synchronicity


Great Hearts offers a very competitive benefits package. Overall compensation will be commensurate with talent, experience, and education.

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