Director of Student Supports

Elm Community Charter School
Queens, NY
Leadership Position
$90k - $125k
Kindergarten - 4th

About Elm Community CS We are an interdisciplinary and collaborative learning environment focused on cultivating civically engaged student leaders. Essential to our school’s philosophy is a relevant hands-on curriculum, along with the commitment to nurture each student’s social and emotional intelligence. We are looking for a team of individuals committed to fostering an environment that is innovative, collaborative, and equitable for both students and staff. Join us!

Director of Student Supports Elm Community Charter School is seeking an innovative Instructional Leader with foundational knowledge and experience in developing an inclusive Response to Intervention (RtI) program, as well as supporting teachers to differentiate instruction in an inclusive learning environment. As an instructional leader, the Director of Student Supports works collaboratively with the instructional leadership team in assessing and identifying at-risk learners, developing teachers in implementation of differentiated instruction, facilitating the Response to Intervention program, and managing Special Education at Elm. Reporting to the Principal, the Director of Student Supports will be a results-driven leader using data to make decisions to promote student achievement.

Responsibilities: • Designs and develops the Response to Intervention (RtI) program that addresses the needs of Elm’s at risk student population, including struggling students, students with disabilities, and Emergent Bilingual Learners.
• Directs the Special Education program at Elm, including the role as Special Education coordinator, being the point person between the School and the Committee of Special Education, and managing the IEP evaluation meetings; • Provides individual staff support (e.g. coaching, co-planning) in the implementation of curriculum, particularly the differentiation of instruction for at-risk students. This includes through coaching, co-planning, observations and debrief meetings, and evaluations; • Leads professional development around differentiation, data analysis, and data-and driven instruction; • Contributes to the design of benchmark, unit, and performance assessments, considering alternative assessments and modifications; • Key partner in creating horizontal alignment across all subjects, including the integrated studies curriculum; • Strategic partner in the instructional leadership team, brainstorming and planning ways to move teacher practice and student data through professional development, curricular changes, consultants, etc.; • Acts as a key guide to Principal on making responsive and timely data-driven decisions with action plans to change teaching practice; • Advocating for our school design when it comes to special education, skips and holdovers, and diagnosing trends to create effective, actionable plans to change student outcomes; and; • Closely monitors student achievement and growth to adjust curriculum, schedules, and teacher professional development; • Oversees and coordinates state testing including logistics, test preparation, testing accommodations and modifications; • Prepares academic data reports for the Principal and Board of Trustees; • Integral in the daily operations and instructional systems and duties, parent and teacher communication, and student culture; • Working with meticulous attention to detail and excellent project management skills with proven systems to maintain integrity.

Qualifications • Minimum of 5 years teaching experience in elementary school, preferably experienced in literacy and elementary school; • Minimum of 2 years experience developing curriculum and professional development trajectories; • Master’s Degree in Education (highly preferred); • Demonstrated understanding of instructional practice, including delivery of instruction, assessment and data analysis of student performance • Experience coaching and evaluating teachers; • Demonstrated ability to provide effective professional development; • Alignment to Elm’s mission, core beliefs, and educational philosophy.

Successful candidates should also have the following experiences and characteristics: • Are a leader with conviction who knows how to build relationships across teams and can inspire their school community; • Have the capacity and interest in developing and growing in capacity and roles; • Have unparalleled commitment to action-driven analysis; and • Are deeply self-reflective, passionate, and committed to high quality education for all students