School Counselor

Elm Community Charter School
Queens, NY
Counselors & Social Workers
$55k - $75k
General Education
Kindergarten - 4th

About Elm CCS We are an interdisciplinary and collaborative learning environment focused on cultivating civically engaged student leaders. Essential to our school’s philosophy is a relevant hands-on curriculum, along with the commitment to nurture each student’s social and emotional intelligence. We are looking for a team of individuals committed to fostering a learning environment that is innovative and collaborative for both students and staff. Join us!

School Counselor Elm Community Charter School is seeking a nurturing and creative School Counselor to work collaboratively with school leadership, teachers, and parents to help our students achieve their highest potential academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. Our School Counselor will hold all students to high expectations and serve our diverse student population, each according to his or her specific needs.

Responsibilities • Builds a positive, supportive school culture among students, staff, and parents through the coordinating of community circles, staff, school and family events; • Collaborates with instructional leadership on developing social emotional programs and curriculum, including Elm’s social emotional intelligence lessons; • Provide professional development and 1:1 supports around social emotional intelligence, skills, etc.; trains teachers in their role as mandated reports of suspected child abuse and neglect; acts as school liaison with Administration for Children’s Services; • Provides individual and small group counseling for students referred by staff or self-referred for students whose behavior, school progress, or mental or physical impairment indicates a need for support; • Conducts frequent and consistent classroom observations in order to best support students and staff; • Proactively coordinates events that support and train families with students identified as at-risk; • Coordinates and conducts psycho-educational evaluations, including cognitive and academic achievement testing, and provide high-quality counseling sessions for students with IEPs and at-risk scholars; • Provides mandated counseling services pursuant to students’ IEPs; • Conducts student observations and/or Functional Behavior Analyses for students who have persistent behavioral issues; • Collaborates with teacher(s) and/or Student Success Team (SST) in developing behavior plans for identified/referred students; • Plays an integral role in supporting the instructional team in the Response to Intervention (RtI) process; • Collaborates with the leadership team in overall parent communication in regards to all students, not limited to: at-risk students, students receiving counseling services; • Maintains case history records and prepares reports; • Lead crisis management for students in need of this support; and • Engage in school-based support team to ensure student progress through the right supports and interventions.

Qualifications • Masters in Social Work or School Counseling; • Appropriate New York State Certification; • A minimum of 2 years of professional experience in urban education, serving as a counselor or social worker, preferably elementary education; • Demonstrated ability in holding successful individual and group sessions with students; • Experience in social emotional learning curriculum, preferably restorative justice practices; and • Alignment to Elm’s mission, core beliefs, and educational philosophy; • Be a person of high moral character; and • Be passionate about learning.