TEACHER- Movement & Sports

Elm Community Charter School
Queens, NY
$50k - $75k
Physical Education
Kindergarten - 4th

About Elm CCS We are an interdisciplinary and collaborative learning environment focused on cultivating civically engaged student leaders. Essential to our school’s philosophy is a relevant hands-on curriculum, along with the commitment to nurture each student’s social and emotional intelligence. Elm seeks to achieve authentic, ongoing integration of diverse student perspectives, assets, and ideas to enhance an equitable learning environment that serve students with all types of needs. We are looking for a team of individuals committed to fostering an environment that is innovative, collaborative, and equitable for both students and staff. Join us!

Creative Teacher: Movement & Sports (Physical Education) Elm CCS is looking for a creative and rigorous Physical Education teacher with knowledge and experience in creating a curriculum developmentally appropriate, fun, engaging, and promotes a team-mentality and inner resilience. At Elm, our Movement & Sports course will support the development of our core values including: Identity, Community, and Creativity. The Physical Education teacher is part of our Creative Course Team, providing courses that challenge our students to “Do and Make to Think Differently.” We are looking for a team of talented and dedicated individuals who are reflective, open to feedback, and dedicated to collaborating with teachers in providing an excellent education with strong connections to our literacy, math, humanities, and science curriculum.

Responsibilities: ● Create a physical education curriculum with developmentally appropriate physical exercises, team sports, integration of various exercises found around the world, and activities that support the development of our core values including: Identity, Community, and Creativity. This includes the scope sequence, unit overviews, and lessons for content-specific subject, integrating history and culture into the curriculum ● Building a classroom culture in which students love learning; ● Establishes a positive classroom environment through proactive methods, a clear discipline system, and strong student rapport; ● Collaboratively work with teachers to ensure the content-specific subject is horizontally aligned to Elm’s Humanities and STEM curriculum ● With support from the leadership staff, providing literacy instruction to a small group of 6-8 students; ● Supports in daily school duties including breakfast, lunch, and recess duty; ● Holds all students to high expectations, with the fundamental belief that students with special needs and emergent bilingual learners are capable of incredible growth and achievement; ● Actively monitors and assesses student achievement and progress based on short-term and long-term goals and objectives; ● Provides timely and frequent feedback for students, based on formal and informal assessments, and aligned to lesson and unit objectives and quarterly goals; ● Proactively builds relationships and collaborates with other staff members to meet team goals, share best practices, and solve grade team concerns; ● Engages and contributes in professional development; proactively applies professional development material into classroom and teaching; trains with colleagues and leaders to receive targeted, in-the-moment feedback on instruction; ● Communicates regularly with families regarding the academic performance and behavior of students.

Qualifications ● Hold certification in Elementary Education ● Master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in early childhood or elementary education preferred ● Majored in the content-specific subject is highly preferred ● Minimum of 2 years teaching experience in elementary education, preferably in urban education ● Demonstrated ability in adapting curriculum and lessons to various student needs ● Experience in interdisciplinary studies and inquiry-based learning highly preferred

Successful candidates should also have the following experiences and characteristics. They: ● Are an inspiring team player who continually pushes themselves and others to higher levels of achievement; ● Deeply embed themselves into the community of the school, ensuring strong relationships, high engagement, and great operational results; ● Are a champion of Elm’s belief that all members of the school community must be active learners and resourceful problem-solvers in order to ensure a high quality education for all our learners; ● Are reflective, self-aware, and actively analyzes student work and data to provide a high quality education that is accessible to all students ● Have a growth mindset.